Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black Caviar Leads The Way In Racing Action Category

     There were some great photos in this category - some iconic, some artistic - but the image that took first place was from what many might argue was the best, and most controversial, race of the year.
     Seemingly clear for the lead in her Ascot debut, Black Caviar's jockey Luke Nolen misjudged the finish and eased off of the undefeated mare. With less than 100 yards remaining, Nolen caught the mistake and began to urge Black Caviar to the finish. Nolen managed to get Black Caviar up in time to keep the International sensation a perfect 22-for-22. Bob Mayberger's image of the pivotal stretch drive earned top prize.
     Alex Ever's image of I'll Have Another and Mathea Kelley's image of It's Tricky were a close second and third. Jay Moran scored another placed image showing the fracas during the turn for home and Mallory Haigh took fifth place with an iconic clubhouse turn photo of Churchill Downs.

Bob Mayberger, "Black Caviar" - First Place

Alex Evers, "I'll Have Another Out of the Shadows" - Second Place

Mathea Kelley, "It's Tricky Out of the Gate" - Third Place

Jay Moran, "Leader of the Pack" - Fourth Place

Mallory Haigh, "Run For The Roses" - Fifth Place

Thursday, March 21, 2013

When A Nice Catch Is Really A Nice Catch - Feature On Track Winners

    While the Feature On Track category had many entries that captured significant moments in the racing year, it was a simple photograph by Walter Kobbe of one of the most difficult jobs on the track that captured the judge's attention. Mr. Kobbe's "All In A Day's Work" gives a nice view of a NYRA outrider trying to rein in a loose horse - something that is infinitely more dangerous and difficult than it looks. The climactic moments of Royal Delta and Frankel were beautifully documented by Wendy Wooley and Bob Mayberger respectively, who placed second and fourth respectively, by the judge chose Kobbe's image as the winner.

All In A Day's Work - Walter Kobbe, First Place
Royal Delta Ladies Classic - Wendy Wooley, Second Place

Smiling After A Win - Cody Gregory, Third Place

Frankel Retires Unbeaten - Bob Mayberger, Fourth Place

Up Close And Personal - Mallory Haigh, Fifth Place


Monday, March 18, 2013

It's All In The Details - The Winners For The Details Category

     This is one of the more fun categories in this year's contest. Instead of some broad panorama that shows the entire racing experience, this category offered a chance for the photographers to focus on the little things. This category also marked one of the two categories where there was a tie. Enjoy these fun images focusing on the Details. And congratulations to co-winners Matt Wooley and Jay Moran, with two very different images.

Matt Wooley - Bridles (co-winner), First Place (above)
Jay Moran - Slop Plop (co-winner), First Place

Bob Mayberger - Fair Grounds Gates, Third Place

Eric Kalet - Gutierrez Autograph, Fourth Place

John Voorhees - Showing The Love For Z, Fifth Place


Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Winners Are In - Feature Off Track

     The Feature Off Track category was hotly contested and showed the variety of wonderful scenes around the race track, just off the racing surface. Whether it was Jay Moran's light-hearted "Holy Rollers" image of nuns at the track or Marcie Heacox's quiet moment of a groom hugging his horse in the paddock, this category got to the heart the Horse Racing Photojournalist's Photos of they Year was started.  In the end, the judges went with Candice Chavez's image of a horse just being a horse in the Keeneland paddock and "Paddock Jump" was crowned the winner.

 Jay Moran - Holy Rollers

Marcie Heacox - Groom Hug

Eric Kalet - Legends Swordplay

Bob Mayberger - Fair Grounds Handicapper


Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Category Announced - Scenic

     Before we get into the results, one announcement. One judge, Molly Riley, was unavailable to vote. That said, we still has Pat McDonogh and Ben Van Hook - a solid judging team.
     For the Scenic category, we have one of two double-placings by a photographer. The winner of the scenic category with his photo Morning Jog is veteran horse racing photojournalist Joe Diorio. Congratulation to Joe. Here are the five placing images in the category.

1. "Morning Jog" - Joe Diorio
2. "Keeneland" - Adam Mooshian
3. "Spa Sunrise" - Mathea Kelley
4. "Fall Sales Jog" - Joe Diorio
5. "Santa Anita Clouds" - Marcie Heacox