Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Category Announced - Scenic

     Before we get into the results, one announcement. One judge, Molly Riley, was unavailable to vote. That said, we still has Pat McDonogh and Ben Van Hook - a solid judging team.
     For the Scenic category, we have one of two double-placings by a photographer. The winner of the scenic category with his photo Morning Jog is veteran horse racing photojournalist Joe Diorio. Congratulation to Joe. Here are the five placing images in the category.

1. "Morning Jog" - Joe Diorio
2. "Keeneland" - Adam Mooshian
3. "Spa Sunrise" - Mathea Kelley
4. "Fall Sales Jog" - Joe Diorio
5. "Santa Anita Clouds" - Marcie Heacox

1 comment:

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