Thursday, March 21, 2013

When A Nice Catch Is Really A Nice Catch - Feature On Track Winners

    While the Feature On Track category had many entries that captured significant moments in the racing year, it was a simple photograph by Walter Kobbe of one of the most difficult jobs on the track that captured the judge's attention. Mr. Kobbe's "All In A Day's Work" gives a nice view of a NYRA outrider trying to rein in a loose horse - something that is infinitely more dangerous and difficult than it looks. The climactic moments of Royal Delta and Frankel were beautifully documented by Wendy Wooley and Bob Mayberger respectively, who placed second and fourth respectively, by the judge chose Kobbe's image as the winner.

All In A Day's Work - Walter Kobbe, First Place
Royal Delta Ladies Classic - Wendy Wooley, Second Place

Smiling After A Win - Cody Gregory, Third Place

Frankel Retires Unbeaten - Bob Mayberger, Fourth Place

Up Close And Personal - Mallory Haigh, Fifth Place


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