Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eleven Hours To Go Until Entries Close and Voting Opens

Just so everyone knows...the votes that have been cast so far will be RESET at midnight. Voting will officially open at midnight. A reminder of the rules and the one HRPNA request...

1. One vote, per email address
2. Maximum of three votes per IP address. (This does not mean you get to vote three times, but if your husband, wife or child wants to vote, they can.)

     Please do not solicit votes for your specific image. There is nothing identifying in these photos to let a voter know who the photographer is. We want to keep it that way. The images will stand on their own merits. If you want folks to vote, you should, but only ask them to visit the webpage and VOTE. This should not be a popularity contest where the person with the best Facebook and Twitter following wins. The best images should be recognized. That is our humble request from our contestants.

GOOD LUCK. Voting open very soon...

Thank you,

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