Saturday, January 19, 2013

Entry Deadline Closing In; Some Voting Rules

     As the entry deadline of midnight on January 20th approaches, we wanted to remind everyone of the deadline and start looking at the voting process more in depth.
     For those who have already entered, take a look at your images in the categories. If your image was entered without a title, we tried to supply a descriptive title for you. For some images, we chose to go with a generic title. In either case, if you request a "title change" before the deadline, we will go back in and give your entry an appropriate title.
     Now for the voting. This is a one vote per email address, per category system. There is no repeat voting. Additionally, the system has been set up to prevent more than three votes from an IP address. Hey, if you have kids who have email addresses, we want them to be able to vote for your images. We are also trying to ensure the integrity of the voting process to keep folks who might want to help themselves along (cheat) by preventing that from happening.
     The last part of this is more of a request from the HRPNA.  This is a contest to determine the best photos for coverage of thoroughbred racing, not a popularity contest for photographers. Please, as you solicit votes, solicit votes for the best images, not just votes for your images. It is a subtle difference, but we want the best photos to win, not the photographer who has the most loyal Twitter and Facebook followers. Hopefully everyone else agrees.
     Good Luck,
     The HRPNA

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