Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rachel And Rosie Tie For Best Portrait

     OK, so this might be the category we need to split next year because it is just too hard to judge humans versus horses. It is probably the reason we ended up with a tie. The judge's favored both of the top choices over the rest, and it is hard to argue with Bob Mayberger's portrait of Rosie Napravnik at the Fair Grounds or Matt Wooley's perfectly lit and composed portrait of the always stunning Rachel Alexandra. If there were a Human Portrait and a Horse Portrait category, each would be winner in their own right, That will be one of the modifications for next year.
     Rounding out the winner's were Mallory Haigh's great look at Calvin Borel and Take Charge Indy and Jon Siegel's portraits of Bodemeister and Union Rags, that order.

"Rosie" - 1st Place (tied), Bob Mayberger

"Rachel" - 1st Place (tied), Matt Wooley

"Calvin" - 3rd Place, Mallory Haigh

"Bodemeister" - 4th Place, Jon Siegel

"Union Rags" - 5th Place, Jon Siegel

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  1. Really hard to argue with either one of these winners.

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