Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shack Being Shack Leads The Backside Category

      There were great views of life on the "backside" of the racetrack in this category, but for the judges, as with the voters, it came down to two photos. Once again Jay Moran and Adam Mooshian submitted different looks, this time at how wild and unpredictable working with horses can be. Moran's comical view of the loose horse still getting "Horse Crossing" privileges as he raced into the barn area at Belmont Park fell just slightly short and was awarded 2nd Place. Mooshian's image of the great Shackleford's airborne frolic was given the nod and took 1st Place.
     Cody Gregory's gritty view in black and white of the backside of a Canadian track took third place. While Lindsay Simon's early morning image of a horse about to join the fray for morning gallops garnered 4th place.

"Shack Being Shack" - 1st Place, Adam Mooshian

"Horse Crossing" - 2nd Place, Jay Moran

"Shed Row" - 3rd Place, Cody Gregory

"Nice View" - 4th Place,  Lindsay Simon

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  1. I love "Shack being Shack"--his handler has a grim 'here we go again' expression as she appears to be holding a giant horse-shaped balloon.