Thursday, April 25, 2013

To Round Things Out - I'll Have Another Wins

     The best part about the remote category is that it gives the photographer a chance to take viewers to some place they would ordinarily never get to go.  The top two images in this category were both from the Kentucky Derby and both featured I'll Have Another in some way.  The second place image is a dramatic capture by Matt Wooley as I'll Have Another stretches for the finish. The winner, by Alex Evers who placed two images in this category, gives a view of the frenetic fight to the clubhouse turn and the mayhem I'll Have Another endured in his fight to win the 2012 Kentucky Derby.

1st Place - Alex Evers

2nd Place - Matt Wooley, I'll Have Another Derby Win

3rd Place - Bob Mayberger, Wise Dan

4th Place - Alex Evers, Violence At Night

5th Place - Eric Kalet, Silver Heart Wins Original Gold

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